Decor tips with House Plants.

Decor tips with House Plants.

Some houseplants decor tips for you to get started. Bring freshness to your room by adding houseplants as part of home decor.

Pretty simple, but it goes a long way when you list down the benefits. Well, keeping plants in a well-ventilated house assists in breathing. It has the property of fixing moisture in the air which helps in reducing the incidence of cold, sore throat and dry cough esp., for those living in dry arid regions.

Did you know? The idea of decorating indoors with houseplants was passed down from the Greeks and Romans.

To help you get started, here are some tips to decorate your room with plants in the most innovative way:

1) Add heightened plants in spacious areas

Heightened plants can be kept in the corners of your room to give a more lively touch to your space. Height and texture give a nice look to your living room. Snake plants are perfect for those who seek for less maintenance and bedecked view.

2) Add succulents in small spaces


For people who are obsessed over neatness and less dirt, can keep succulents  anywhere in their house. These small plants can be kept decoratively on China dishes, tubs or cups. The Burro’s tail or Christmas cactus are best to make your house more Elizabethan.

3) Keep abundance of greenery for positivity


When was the last time you went for a walk in a green and it made you feel fresh?

Greenery and lot of plants generate more positive vibes in your house. Aloe, Anthurium and Asparagus ferns can fill up those empty spaces which you might be thinking of filling with furniture.

4) Herbs and Kitchen

room-plant-5For people who wishes to have their own garden planted with veggies and herbs, but stays in an apartment can use this simple trick. Plant all kitchen herbs handy in mason jars near the kitchen or kitchen window for emblazoned decoration. Basil, Cilantro, and Chives are the most used herbs in the kitchen and even easy to grow.

5) DIY terrarium


Creative minds always search for something innovative. So, why not try to make a terrarium. This miniature atmosphere can be made easily in a jar with colourful pebbles, a bit of soil and succulents. The Panda plant and Jade plant are best options to make your terrarium

Get the best of benefits with flowering plants  there are even many ideas you can try out to make your house more lovely, generous and contemporary.


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