DIY Diwali Celebration Tips

DIY Diwali Celebration Tips

 Fun and easy DIY Diwali Celebration Tips. Diwali- a festival of lights- ushers in joy and happiness.  To add to the celebration, here are some DIY tips to break those monotonous Pre-Diwali preparations:

1) DIY Diya Decorations

This Diwali, instead of running from stalls to stalls to find the right Diyas,  you can try your hands on decorating your Diyas. With just  some clay Diyas, acrylic, glitter glues, you can spark the whole looks. You can follow the steps in the link to know more.

2) Origami

Try using different  paper origami techniques for bulbs or for decorative hangings from the wall. Make balls, flowers or butterfly, using bright-colored marble paper. A great idea to engage children and elders alike. Follow the link to see some origami for Diwali Decorations.

3) Make Hand-made Diwali Cards

 Instead of  buying fancy Diwali cards to present with gifts, make DIY Diwali cards. These cards can touch anyone’s heart as it is crafted with love and much more personalized than the regular ones from the shop.

4) Floating Candles

A timeless theme which has been used since time immemorial, yet never gets boring, make colorful candles float over water to give it a magnificent view. Take a large bowl and fill it with pebbles or petals to add a splash of colors. Keep it on table-top for safety. Follow the link to get started.

5) DIY Toran

Make a Toran by yourself with mango or banana leaves and tie them on colored strings. You can also use junk plastics to make the Toran. 

6) Rangoli

DIY Diwali Celebration tips would be incomplete without rangoli. Make colorful Rangoli inside your house or in front of your entrance door. For the ones who aren’t rangoli experts, you can always opt for tracing sheets or tools to make the perfect rangoli.

 House Sutra wishes you a Happy and Safe Diwali.


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