Home Decor- Set the mood for Autumn

Home Decor- Set the mood for Autumn

 Some home decor activities to set ablaze your living space this autumn, with comfort and warmth. So what? If you had already splurged for Diwali preparation or for Halloween, there is no way you are going to miss out on pampering yourself in this season covered with yellow and orange leaves that nature has painted for you.

Here are some few home decor ideas for you to have a bright comfy season that can be done without having to spend or with very less budget:

1) Table Decor


 Go white! White dishes and vase in the centre of the table serve as the perfect autumn theme. Use fall branches, cut them decoratively and put it in a jar. Another idea for a perfect autumn home decor is to use pumpkin-themed or orange over white-themed dinner set and show pieces.

2) Use wool



Start getting those wool and rug-textured stuff out. Fall is the best time where you can use your hoodies or plush cushions. Use knits and threads to decorate your walls or keep wollen roll on sofas to create a warm ambience.

3) Make use of  fragrant candles


 Usually, we push aside our fragrant candle in a corner and it does end up as a show piece. Come this autumn and bring out those cute and pretty little things and put them to good use. Brighten up your space by lighting them up in evening or night-time. They add to glistening feeling and the fragrance can lighten up the atmosphere.

4) Redecorate your garden


Time for some shovel and spade! Fall is the best time when you can actually experiment with getting your hands dirty in your garden. Replace your old flower pots or re-paint them with a light coloured pot to set the autumn tone. Pick some twigs, colour them with poster-color and use it for a funky themed garden.

5) Change your beddings and rugs


curtainThe key to all comfort- our bedroom. Use light coloured or flowery themed bedsheets, latch hook rugs, orange table cover and so much more. Explore and spice up your bedroom.

6) Opposing hues

Use opposing  colour patterns and hues for a vibrant set-up. Blue and orange for a perfect contrast for your living room; Green and orange for your dining room. Think of your favorite color and you can get carelessly perfect by adding many contrasting colors.  

Keep the festive spirit alive this autumn while we wait for another season of celebration.

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