Sofa care and cleaning tips

Sofa care and cleaning tips

Sofa care and cleaning tips- Either you want your Sofa to last long or to keep it clean, here are some quick tips to help you maintain it:

1) Vacuum or Dust regularly


 It is easy for dust to accumulate anytime, making your sofa look dull and lifeless. Certain fabrics and design trap dust more easily than others. Regular vacuum and dusting are necessary to remove particles, crumbs and other objects. Start by removing all the cushions and pillows. Clear the surface and crevices with a vacuum cleaner.

2) Re-dress the covers



 Plump your cushions daily and redress the sofa covers monthly. Plumping cushions will keep the dust away and re-dressing the old covers  will give a different look to your interiors, each time you change it apart from sofa care.

3) Check for stains


 Always keep a check on stains as they are hard to  remove if kept for long. It is natural that you might drop a piece of food, colour or drinks on your sofa. Clean stains as soon as you can to keep your sofa material new. Use a clean, white cloth to wipe fabric sofas.

4) Keep away from direct sunlight


To avoid fading of dark-coloured fabrics, keep sofa and cushions away from direct sunlight. Some exposure to sunlight is good as it keeps germs away; However, prolonged sunlight can harm any sofa material. Wooden materials tend to start cracking and steel frame might lose its shine.

5) Use proper cleaning agents



Sofa comes with different fabric covers and leathers. Use proper cleaning products for different material. Leather can be cleaned with a base foam; Cotton materials should be brushed and washed in warm water.

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